projects list – not exhaustive

Here are some high-level summaries of projects I’ve worked on, in a variety of capacities, some of which I may spend some time exploring in more depth in future posts. In the meantime, feel free to ask me for any specifics via comments, twitter, or email.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, these are projects that are more recent, and therefore I probably have the most ability to recall details and specifics about, as well as speak to how and why successful outcomes were reached.

  • Expansion projects
    • The Friendship Store (2015)
    • The Coop Creamery Cafe (2015)
    • The new central office (2014-2015)
  • Systems upgrade
    • Email system migration
    • Citrix and Windows Servers upgrades
  • POS and Logistics Systems
    • Multi-site conversion
    • Adding a restaurant flavor to the POS
    • Upgrading
  • Development
    • Employee window (Portal)
    • Owner Database and integrations with POS system
    • Reports for operations and analysis
    • Budgeting tools for input and tracking
  • System Administration
    • Installing and setting up Hyper-V servers
    • Installing and setting up Syslog servers and ELK system
    • Installing and setting up OSSEC HIDS systems
    • Creating a custom ubuntu/Debian script to reuse hardware as Citrix clients
  • Networking
    • Config and setup of VLANs  in switches and firewalls
    • Config and setup of VPNs access to for our Metro Area Network