I’ve worked in IT for about a decade, most of that time serving the needs of one of the most incredible and high-performing Grocery Store Co-ops in the USA. If you’ve never explored the cooperative incorporation model, here is a decent start.

Starting in 2018, worked as a contractor/consultant for Gimlet Media, supporting a their build out a move into a new, 13-studio headquarters in downtown Brooklyn, NY.  Working with IT vendors and staff, I helped research and implement and a move to Azure AD/Window AD for SSO,  and support the installation and documentation of the TCP/IP network.  It has been an amazing, and growth experience. They have made some AMAZING stories.  Please do go an listen, if you’ve never had the pleasure. Go to gilmetmedia.com.

I’ve also continued working with the Seward Co-op an a myriad projects. These include implementing tools based on the Google Maps API, using PowerShell to get data from third-party business applications to mining XML data to merge into relational database tables. I’ve also supported their transition to EMV capable pin-pads at the POS lanes. It’s my great pleasure to be able still to work with these incredible people.

I spent many many years learning and pushing myself without it by earning degrees or certificates.  Starting in 2016, I decided to change that. The result is I’ve now earned a full-stack web developer nano-degree from Udacity, and certificates for MongoDB, Secruity+ (Comptia) and Network+ (Comptia). I’ve spent countless hours learning up on new technology, like docker and machine learning / ai, ethical hacking, and OWASP testing tools. I love digging in.

From 2003-2006, I spent a good amount of time playing music, writing songs, and recording music.  I had the nearly inconceivable honor or sharing stages with many incredible musicians. Some you’ve probably heard of. I couldn’t have done it without the support of the Sullivan’s and their 400 Bar on the West Bank of Minneapolis.  RIP.