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  • Capture a pcap from a router (Ubiquity EdgeX)

    Remote connection Perhaps you’ve used Wireshark to capture packets on your laptop, or pc. But what if you need to troubleshoot your router? A quick way to grap a dump, is a simple ssh/tcpdump combo. It’s easy to do, and can be done remotely. First, your router must accept ssh connections for this method. In […]

  • Apdex – a simple measure of happiness

    Rabbit Hole #1 So, I was just poking around websites, checking out the source code as I do from time to time when I’m curious and noticed some New Relic JavaScript. I had not looked at New Relic for while, and I’ve never had the occasion to use the services, so I thought I’d check […]

  • Imputation and when Listwise deletion might make sense

    {update 2022: I’m not sure I’m explaining this concept accurately. Beware…} Imputation is the practice of filling in data when it’s missing from a set.  One must take care in how they use this.  For instance, you might use linear regression to predict a small amount of data missing. Consider sales data for our grocery chain. […]